Roof Drain Filter

Roof Drain Filter

Used to avoid clogged drains and expensive water damage by keeping leaves and large debris away from roof drains. The economical, easy-to-install Roof Drain Filter holds drain-clogging litter, wind blown leaves and other debris away from the drain strainer but allows high water flow. Roof Drain Filter installs in minutes using common hand tools, cable ties, roofing adhesive or wire and needs minimal upkeep. Easily maintain by sweeping top and sides to remove built up sediment and debris. Roof Drain Filter is available in 3 sizes in pads or rolls to fit any size drain.

Roof Drain Filter Specifications

Strainer Diameter (up to) Item # Description Pieces Per Carton Cartons per Pallet
6″ RD12R 12″ x 12′ roll 1 roll 28
6″ RD12P 12″ x 12″ pads 12 pads 28
12″ RD18R 18″ x 15′ roll 1 roll 16
12″ RD18P 18″ x 18″ pads 12 pads 16
15″ RD21R 21″ x 21′ roll 1 roll 16
15″ RD21P 21″ x 21″ pads 12 pads 16

Roof Drain Filter Installation

Tools for Installation:

  • utility knife
  • scissors
  • needle nose pliers
  • screwdriver
  • tape measure

1. Remove sediment and debris around drain.

2. Verify size allows at least 3″ of filter from outer edge of strainer.

3. To ensure a snug fit cut two slits on net side to make an X-shaped opening the size of the strainer.

4. Slide Filter over strainer, net side down.

5. Trim off excess material around strainer.

Choose a Method of Attachment:

Method 1: Cable Tie

Push a cable tie down through Filter Media an inch from center cut out. Bend tip of cable tie back on itself firmly and insert into strainer, loop around strainer fin and pull back to attach. Needle nose pliers may be helpful to grab cable tie end to pull back through strainer. Pull zip ties snug to secure Filter to drain.

Method 2: Metal Rod

Insert a 1/8″ metal rod horizontally through Roof Drain Filter and strainer.

Method 3: Adhesive

Check roof warranty before using this method! Apply adhesive to secure Filter to roof. Use Roofing Cement on asphalt membrane. Use water-based adhesive to secure to synthetic roof membrane.

Roof Drain Filter Maintenance

1. Remove sediment from the top and sides of the filter by sweeping away from Roof Drain filter.

2. Remove debris from roof.

3. Check semi-annually and clean out or replace.