Upholstery Insulator Pads

Blocksom Paratex® Upholstery Pads

Made from a scientific combination of 100% natural fibers which are spun into an efficient, high loft, interlocking web, then bonded to a fiberglass scrim backing using a premium latex binder to produce a resilient, durable mechanical insulator pad. Our Paratex® Insulator Pads provide a durable separation layer between the base springs and layers of cushioning.

Paratex® consists of thousands of inter-locking fibers that provide natural cushioning to your upholstered products. Paratex® Insulator Pads are available in precut sheets or rolls in thicknesses from ¾” to 2″ to serve your unique needs. Easily trims to size with hand shears for a custom fit. Attach to the springs or furniture frame before adding cushion layers.