Sediment and Erosion Control


Storm Water Inlet Filter

Serves as an excellent sediment control solution at sewer inlets during the construction phase. Cut the mat to allow 3” overlap at each side of the grate. Attach the mat to the topside of the inlet grate using cable ties. Clean silt from around Inlet Mat following each rain event. Sweep the top of mat to clear built-up silt and solids.

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Storm Water Inlet Filter Specifications:

Other pad and roll sizes are available upon request.

Item # Dimensions Pieces per Carton Pieces per Pallet
IF1527X30C 1.5″ x 27″ x 30″ 10 pads 120 pads
IF1527X21FTB 1.5″ x 27″ x 21′ 1 roll 12 rolls
IF1527X75FTB 1.5″ x 27″ x 75′ N/A 3 rolls
Cartons sized to ship by UPS.

Inlet Filter Installation

1. Remove sediment, debris, ice and snow from the inlet grate surface and surrounding area.

2. Verify fit by placing filter over inlet grate to ensure that Inlet Filter extends at least one inch beyond the front and both curb ends. The overlap slows water flow and starts filtering sediment and debris before water drops into the inlet.

3. Position the mat. Place Inlet Filter on grate with the net side down, flush to the back edge and extending beyond the grate opening on the front and both sides. The zip ties attach Inlet Filter to the inlet grate cover WITHOUT LIFTING THE GRATE COVER.

4. Insert zip ties. Lift Inlet Filter slightly to enable you to see the first grate bar from the edge of the grate cover.

Push the zip tie down through the Inlet Filter and loop under the grate bar. Insert the pointed end of the zip tie about 2” away from the first zip tie penetration and push back up through the filter.

Push the pointed end of the zip tie into the receiving end just enough to hold ends loosely. LEAVE ZIP TIES LOOSE UNTIL ALL TIES ARE LOOPED THROUGH THE MATS AROUND THE GRATES. Repeat Step 4 until all zip ties are installed loosely.

5. Tighten zip ties. After attaching all of the zip ties, re-position Inlet Filter to completely cover and overlap the grate. Pull free end of zip-ties hand tight to anchor Inlet Filter to the grate. Cut off free end of zip ties to leave a 1” tail.

Inlet Filter Maintenance

Inlet Filter will collect a lot of sediment. Clean Inlet Filter while mounted on the grate, even if ponded water surrounds the inlet. This unique feature ensures all water entering the grate is filtered. Sweep sides and top of Inlet Filter to remove sediment and debris after each rain event.

1. Remove sediment from the sides of the filter by sweeping away from Inlet Filter.

2. Remove sediment from the top of the filter by sweeping off of Inlet Filter.

Inlet Filter is prepared for the next rain event.